Lock, Stock And Two Playing Tables Lock, Stock And Two Playing Tables Lock, Stock And Two Playing Tables


Lock, Stock And Two Playing Tables! Real quest | escape room

The gambling are illegal and dangerous in Moscow. But if you looking for such thrilling and competitive atmosphere – welcome to our escape room “Lock Stock”!
Just imagine… you stuck in illegal casino with a huge debt: half of a million dollars. And the only chance to escape for this situation – to win in casino. Forget all the gambling rules! They are no use. Only crook’s hints can help you to escape. If you can find them… Any object in the room have the purpose. Just be attentive and use your logical thinking!

metro Dmitrowskaya (Line 9)
metro Design Factory - Flacon
36 building 3, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya st.
3 enter, 5th floor, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 201-2536
Difficulty level: easy
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English or Russian
Age: 12+

Price for a team 2-4 players
Additional payment for fifth player 500 ₽

Prepayment required for the games after midnight!

If you have any problems with booking or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via
email: info@cubiculum.ru,
or phone: +7 (495) 201-2536

Выберите удобное время и забронируйте сеанс всего за 1 минуту!

Цена указана за игру для команды из 2-4 человек
Доплата за 5-го игрока 20% от цены игры
Если у вас более 5 игроков, вы можете разделиться на 2-3 команды и сыграть одновременно в разные квесты.


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