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Design ​district FLACON




  • Your team is 2 to 5 people
  • One hour of playing time is given
  • 3 plots to choose from
  • Attentivity, logic and a good mood
  • Without horrors and phisical efforts


ESCAPE ROOMS ​are universal entertainment that will suit everyone!

For Adults

PEOPLE OF ALL AGES PLAY ESCAPE ROOMS ​Students come after their studying. Colleagues come after work. Seventy-year-old grandmothers come to celebrate their birthdays. Couples come on date. Friends who don't get together often, find escape rooms as a great team game.

You can find 365 reasons a year.

For Families

ALL THE PARTICIPANTS WILL ENJOY , ​not either adults or children.

CHILDREN WILL ENJOY the music, the quest decorations, riddles and, of course, playing together with the parents.

ADULTS WILL LIKE  the atmosphere of escape rooms, interesting logical moves and a team game with kids who sometimes give the adults a head start!

For Childrens

KIDS FROM 7 TO 12 YEARS of age can play on the team with senior players or parents can order an age-appropriate program accompanied by an animator.

CHILDREN OVER 12 YEARS ​​want to play alone and not on the children's escape rooms but in complex and gripping. They will be able to cope with the quests' task unaccompanied.

We know exactly how to make a game interesting!

Beautiful reality

Room decorations, playing items, every detail is thoroughly worked out to make you feel right in that time and place where the events of the escape room take place. And some technical solutions of escape rooms delight our players!

Plot and atmosphere

Escape rooms's goal defines the main plot and atmosphere. The music, the decorations, well-lit spaces and tasks' order built in such a way that you are completely immersed in the story and believe in the reality of what is going on!

Exciting tasks

Most of our escape rooms tasks are not complicated but also not obvious. The solution "lies on the surface," it requires only attention and a little logic from you. Each of such tasks leaves a pleasant aftertaste from the insight like "That's how easy it is to solve!"

Dynamic of the game

We've been testing and refining the tasks of escape room for you not to get bored and not to lose the excitement of the game. And our anchors monitor the game by cameras and they always know when to offer you a hint if required.

Over 2,000 glowing reviews from our players!

#1 ​In the Game Entertainment Rating of Moscow at Tripadvisor

Annual certificates «Good place» from Yandex.Maps

- our Google.Maps rating

Philemon K

Red Button and The last spaceship

We played the first room, “Red Button”, which was very clean and well-executed.

"“The Last Spaceship”, which we felt was a very well constructed room. The environment was very thematic and there were some easter eggs to look out for as well! It is much more hands-on than the other room, but would probably be more interesting to most visitors, which is more puzzle focused. Our hosts were well-versed in english and went out of their way to give us recommendations for our trip and make us feel at home. We highly recommend this room for any english speakers looking for something different to do in moscow!"

Layla K

The last spaceship

We have done several quests in Vienna, Dublin. And we were so looking forward to doing it in Moscow.

"First of all, the girls were talking good English which is extremely professional. Second of all, we were blown away by decorations of the rooms, especially "Pepelats". Very interesting tasks and ideas. If you are looking for a great evening in Moscow, this place is highly recommended! Thank you very much for an amazing job."

Camilla H

Red Button

I went to Cubiculum to celebrate my friend's birthday.

" We played the "Red Button" quest and we had a really good time. Everything there is just amazing! Starting with the location, close to the metro and in an interesting place surrounded by design and art. Once you are inside, the decoration, the place environment, the game itself are indescribably good. It wasn't easy, but one hour is just enough time to solve the mystery. And finally, Diana (administrator, who led our game), was truly lovely and helpful. She was very patient and led us through the game completely in english. Thank you very much, Diana! And to all the Cubiculum team, congratulations."

Natalie L

Red Button

We went to the quest Red button,

"2 of 4 had no experience before and we liked it a lot!everything was organized on a very good level,If we needed help,the administrator was so helpful without told us directly the answers but with hints that led us to finish the quest successfully and saved the world 😏we highly recommend it to expats cause everything was duplicated in English and to everyone who likes to solve puzzles, find сodes and just have fun😉"


Red Button

We went for the “red button” quest,

"and all I can tell is that we loved it. I can really recommend Cubiculum to anyone who enjoys escape games. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Additionally, cubiculum is located in an area of Moscow which has a nice artsy touch to it. Cheers from the ramenki_squad :)"

Alexander S

Red button

We had a very entertaining experience in the "Red Button" room.

"The location was easy to find and Margarita was a great host who speaks English (which is not very common in Russia). Oh and btw, we totally rocked the challenge in just a bit more than 40 mins ;)"

Выберите удобное время и забронируйте сеанс всего за 1 минуту!

Цена указана за игру для команды из 2-4 человек
Доплата за 5-го игрока 20% от цены игры
Если у вас более 5 игроков, вы можете разделиться на 2-3 команды и сыграть одновременно в разные квесты.